Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Asteroid Must Come

Well the world goes on and on. No asteroid or comet yet. The Middle East is turning into a melting pot. We know from Luke 21 and Matthew 24 that soon Jerusalem will fall and those who willingly go into captivity "again" will be spared. It is God's plan to remove them and those who refuse will be as in the days of old when Israel refused to believe the prophets. Never the less some will remain in Judea. Not that I am a prophet but Jesus, the greatest prophet and King and Messiah has said, according to Luke 21 and Joel 3 that they will one more time be taken into captivity. The timing seems ripe. There is a 7 year covenant re-signed in Jan 2014. It is the renewed EPI and could be (COULD BE) Daniel's 7 year covenant.

One thing that eludes me is the Psalm 83 war. Has it already been fulfilled? Is it coming before the Luke 21 captivity? I don't know. That particular war is won by Israel though it may be a temporary loss until Jesus returns, but that is my imagination. Anyway, we do know that the above mentioned captivity mentioned in Luke 21 and Joel 3 is still coming and I pray it will not be in winter or on the Sabbath. O that all of Israel would open their eyes to Jesus! He weeps for Israel.

Lord open the eyes of your people. Let them see your glory. The glory of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

As for the asteroid please read page 1 and you will see that it will come and in fact has to come soon. We are best to be ready and informed. However, in the timing laid out in scripture the one in scripture described before the great trumpet in Matthew 24:29 cannot come until about 6 months from the end. This we know because the asteroid (star) opens the bottomless pit and the king from there is only out here for the final 5 months before Jesus returns. If the 2014 covenant is the Daniel covenant then that puts it around mid 2020. June?? However, if you look at Rev 6 and the 7 seals you will see that before the trumpets star there comes a meteor shower. It says he saw the stars falling like figs from a fig tree blown in a mighty wind that kill millions. That would be many small stars falling all around. This must be a meteor shower.

Click the following link to see why this is true:

Page 1: An Explanation for A Hollow Earth and How it Affects Prophecy

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