Page 13: The King of The North

Who is the King of The North?

The King of the North refers to the Daniel 11 prophecy. This chapter was fulfilled up to verse 20 in the past history before Christ. I won't go into the past history before verse 20 because it has been covered well on the internet and can easily be found. However, I don't believe the final king of the north has come until now.

Many teachers claim that the next king following verse 20 was Epiphanes, however, though he may have been a foreshadow, the chapter claims that the abomination was set up by someone else for him or on his behalf. The prince of Daniel 9:26 does not set up the abomination either as it only says that he causes the sacrifice and oblation to cease, but chapter 8 tells us that it is the little horn that actually sets up the abomination. These are 3 different individuals. As well, Epiphanes died in Tubae in Persia, not between Jerusalem and the sea. Another indication that this was not Epiphanes is the fact that after he dies Micheal stands up and judgement comes. Of course we know that Micheal is still waiting for this event.

The chronology of the last days has been greatly misleading. In fact it goes like this, according to scripture:

The first clear sign is when the covenant of Daniel 9:27 is made. It is a 7 year covenant that is made between Israel and the prince of the people who destroyed the temple in 70 A.D. It was the Roman soldiers at the orders of the Caesar led by Titus that did this. So the prince must be related to Rome in origin. I cover this on the page concerning the covenant.

The second event to watch for is the king of the north spoken of above. Daniel 11:20 through 31 covers this event. Sometime prior to his attack on Jerusalem the Temple of God must be rebuilt. As I explain there it is possible that the ENPI signed on Jan 1, 2014 could very well be the covenant so we have perhaps 3 1/2 years to go for the abomination as of this month January, 2014.

So the question now is, "Is there a king of the north today who is against Egypt?"

The answer is, "Yes." This is the self proclaimed Rashad Khalifa,

Daniel 11 tells us that he is not given the title of King: Rashad has not.
It says he will win followers by flattery: Rashad promises resurrection.
It says he is a vile person: he cuts the heads off his victims and displays them on fence posts. He curses those who refuse him and curses the God of Israel and his people, Christian and Jew alike.
It says he will become strong with a small, few, people: he has grown from nothing to a real threat in the Middle East in a few months and continues to grow in power.

So why would he fight against Israel? Because they are following the Muslim Brotherhood and do not accept him as a Khalifa. They are already having words.

We will have to watch and see how this unfolds.

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