Monday, August 17, 2015

Coming COMET

Recently there have been a lot of warnings on YouTube that we are about to experience a comet hit that will change life as we know it. I have looked at these several times and I believe the evidence sufficiently warrants warning everyone that this event is highly plausible this Sept. The fact that the UN has obviously set out to prepare for it tells me the other evidence is credible. With the billions of dollars they have spent in the Jade Helm exercise and the thousands of rounds of ammunition they have purchased, together with FEMA preparations and tanks being deployed all across the lower US on video, there is little doubt that it is a real event.  Please pray about this. I believe we deserve to know and be given a chance to prepare.

Here are some links you can check out to see what you think.
The first one is the clip of the French Foreign Minister standing with John Kerry stating that we have 500 day:

This one has the evidence from a retired Military with Lynn Leaz. The beginning is a little dramatic but worth watching:

This video is to the point but the music is annoying:

This next one is of a woman who has a letter from her pastor and is reading prophecy form it

Jade Helm is training to get ready:

This video is of a pastor who has had visions and is interviewed by Jimmy Baker. Lots of people don't trust Jim but it is not Jim that we are listening to it is what the other pastor is saying. 

Jonathan Cahn wrote a book describing what the bible says about the twin towers. His new book is about the Shemitah. This video is amazing and explains a lot of what is happening in Sept. 

This video is of a pastor who received a warning from the Lord to warn Americans of pending judgement. He explains firsthand experience with UN troops in Porto Rico settling up missiles and they have told him it is to blow the comet out of the sky when it arrives. EFRAIN RODRIGUEZ - PORTO RICO, ASTERIOD TSUNAMI

Prophecy to Dr Patricia 

Prophecy to Maurice Sklar

This is 1:40 minutes but it is really worth watching. Amazing

Sid Roth Miracles before the judge

For information on what ​I see the Lord is doing in the earth check this out.