Monday, December 30, 2013


Welcome to TKICBS
Hi! My name is Bill Holden.

Have you been told about Jesus return but have a hard time believing it is real or true?

Do you wonder which Christian faith is the true faith?
Are you a student of scripture but have a hard time understanding creation scriptures?
Do you find prophecy confusing?
Do you wonder if there is a way to know when Jesus is coming?
I am glad you are here and I am sure that by the time you have finished reading what I have to say you will be far better equipped to stand in Christ over the next few years. You will have a greater understanding of who the enemy is and how he is deceiving the majority of the population today.
Please study this work prayerfully. It is not meant as a full revelation but as a help to understand revelation. You will find lots of proof for what I see.
I warn you that the very first revelation is hard to receive and will require prayerful contemplation. However, once you are able to receive it as a truth you will find scripture will open up as a flower to your understanding. So without further delay I welcome you to page 1.
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