Monday, July 6, 2015

The UN

For those who study prophecy and have a pretty good grasp of it, did you ever wonder why the UN has not stepped up and stopped the slaughter in Iraq? Why is ISIS able to continue unabated? The answer is quite simple. Over 60% of the seats in the UN are occupied by Muslims. Do some research. Now it all makes sense. I saw that Islam was about to take the US some time ago but I also saw that the UN will first take the US. I thought that the UN would be first and then Islam would come in later and repeat the coup. But now I see that it is one and the same event.
If you live in the US and can get out now is the time to do it and don't look back. September of 2015 will very likely be the telling based on everything I have seen.
1-The shmitah lands on Sept 13th.
2-The last blood moon in this cycle lands about Sept 24th
3-The Prime Minister of France, standing with John Kerry, said in 500 days there will be a devastating change in the environment
4-Jade Helm will be ready by Set as they wrap up their training exercises
5-Walmart has finished stocking up the underground cities and has closed down several outlets
6-any of the rich and famous are getting out of Dodge
If you research all of he above you will see why we believe this is the year of the coup.