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This site is dedicated to explaining the following:

1) The revelation of a hollow earth and how this revelation affects how we interpret prophetic and creation scriptures. 

With a hollow earth we can understand Revelation Chapter 9 when the smoke like the smoke of a great furnace comes out of the pit. The locust and their king have a home right now in a hollow earth. They will be forced out of their lair when chapter 8 unfolds. 

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 Chapter 8 reveals an asteroid hitting the earth and moving it out of its place according to Isaiah 13:9-13. This impact will knock the earth spinning faster by 1/3 and by moving the earth it will dislodge the star that hangs at the core of a hollow earth. That star is about 500 miles in diameter. When it crashes inside the whole inside will slowly become engulfed in flames causing smoke like the smoke of a great furnace. 

This is why the king in Revelation 9 comes out. His world will be destroyed. He has no choice. 

Revelation 8 tells us the days and nights will be shortened by 1/3. This means the impact will knock the earth spinning faster by 1/3. By doing this the waters of the Arctic and the Antarctic will be drawn away as in low tide and will flood the Equatorial regions. Many islands will be permanently under water. 

By drawing the water away from the poles the hole there will be revealed. And this is where the King Appolion will ascend from.

For centuries these scriptures have been said to only be symbolic when in fact they are to be taken literally. I explain this in great detail on Page 1.

2) On other pages I explain in great detail the entities and events found in scriptures that control the final days of this age.

In the past I have tried to show dates and times for these events, however, I have not been correct, just as many others, and have decided to leave the timing in God's hands. I do, however, give the order of the events according to scripture and this can be found on the page entitled Timeline.

For anyone looking for answers to questions in the area of creation and prophecy please search this site for understanding. You will not be disappointed. You will come away with a far greater understanding than when you first entered. If you have any questions or feedback please put them in the comment sections. 

For a better explanation start on page 1 here: 

Page 1: An Explanation for A Hollow Earth and How it Affects Prophecy 

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