Saturday, July 25, 2015

Recently I realized that people were visiting my blog and reading the latest post and then leaving. The real meat of this blog is on page one. It is a revelation of a hollow earth and how it relates to creation and bible prophecy.

The 2 main effects are:
1: that the asteroid that is coming is not just to punish the wicked but also it is necessary to save the planet from total destruction.
2: the king of Revelation 9 can never be understood properly without the revelation of a hollow earth simply because he is at this present time in the hollow earth and only comes out when the star in the inner earth is destroyed as a consequence of the asteroid moving the earth.

There is much more on this blog that corrects many teachings out there. I am by no means perfect, however, until someone can show me good reason that I am wrong in any of the areas explained here, I will continue to believe it simply because it makes far more sense than what we have been taught. God is not the God of confusion and therefor the truth of the matter must make sense, even if it is hard to accept.

Please read page one and leave a comment. If you can see the truth that is in at least page one please help spread this around the world. It is not God's wish that any perish but that all come to the knowledge of the truth. For many this revelation may be exactly what they need to help them realize that the word is the word of God and that they have a savior ready to accept them as soon as they call on him.

We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Understand that there is only one unforgivable sin. That is the sin of calling the Holy Ghost evil. Your salvation depends on your receiving and keeping the Holy Ghost in your heart. He only answers to the name of Jesus because He is Jesus' ghost, simply put. When the time comes and the Holy Ghost is taken away from the earth He will take only those who have Him in their hearts. (I understand that all children under the age of 12 will be taken as they are not accountable for sin. This can be proven in scripture)

Satan might try to convince you that you have already committed this sin but read the gospel to see why Jesus said this. You will find that the Pharisees had just said he was doing miracles by the power of the Beelzebub. This was a false judgement on their part that said the Holy Ghost was Satan. The Holy Ghost is a person with feelings just as we are. He can be hurt by our thoughts or words and when He is He leaves the one who has hurt Him. He is the very essence of love. Please don't hurt Him. He is the spirit of truth and is the only one that can save us.

Maybe if you could understand the spirit realm and the divisions there you might understand this better. There is a separation between God Almighty and the god of this age. This separation took place some 6000 years ago when Satan disobeyed God and lied to the man Adam causing him to sin against God. Satan did this because He wanted to be God and the Almighty God had created man higher than him and gave man dominion over him. Satan was jealous. By causing man to sin Satan was able to separate man from The Almighty placing himself between man and God. Ever since that time Satan has had dominion over the hearts of man. started his plan to redeem man.

So there is a spirit realm that exists throughout the universe. It is God's domain. The universe exists inside of God. He is omni-present. He is in all and through all and in us all. If we go to t he farthest star he is there. If we go to  the deepest sea He is there. He is in the rocks, in the plants, in the animals and in all things. He is love. He is the very essence of Love, but He is a person not an it. He has purpose, He plans, He creates, He thinks, He moves, He does far more than we can imagine and He is in control. But He is righteous and has set up laws to control the universe in Him. These laws govern mankind and the natural world as well as the spirit world. He explains these all through scripture.

Now within this spirit realm is another spirit realm where Satan reigns. Satan does not have total control of his area. He is limited by the word of God. He has a spiritual army working with him and his goal is to destroy mankind and all creation. He cannot help but do this because it is in his very nature. He is the destroyer. He has been given certain authorities over the kings of the earth and the false religions of the earth. He owns the souls of all living people, and when one dies he takes them deep into the earth to where the lava flows and they remain there as his prisoners. His goal in this world is to capture as many souls as he can before the end comes. This is in his nature and will never change. Satan is an angel and angels are what they are and cannot change or repent.

However, God has created a second spirit realm within Himself. He began this process in the Garden of Eden when He put enmity or a wall between Satan's seed and Eve's seed. Exodus 20 tells us that the sins of man are passed down to  the sons and daughters to the 3rd and 4th generation. So you see sin is not passed through women but only through men. This is a key to understanding the cross. In Isaiah 7 we read that God would send a redeemer through a virgin. By doing this He was able to create a man without sin. God had started the creation of this second spirit realm long before Jesus was born. Abraham was counted as a righteous man and according to Jesus Abraham's spirit was a bosom or a separate place beneath the earth from Satan's spiritual domain, (hell). This is not something I fully understand yet, but it is a fact. When Jesus was conceived without the consummation of Marriage between Mary and Joseph he was conceived by faith in the words of an angel sent to Mary who told he that she would be overshadowed by the almighty. God works through faith. In fact we are told that the only way to please God is through faith. This is why we can be sure that Jesus is the son of God. God is his father.

When Jesus was crucified he went down into the lower regions of the earth, not to the center of the earth as some teach. He went to Abraham's bosom and preached to the souls there explaining to them who he is and when he rose back into his body over 500 of the prophets and saints of the old testament rose with him. They were seen walking about Israel according to scripture. Jesus took these people into the heavens with him where he was separated from Satan's kingdom forever. Satan is from beneath and Jesus is from above. 2 separate kingdoms. But between the 2 is where God's angels reside. They are able to move between God's realm and Satan's realm. They are able to move between God's realm and Jesus' realm. But Satan is only able to move in his own realm and the throne room of God. He does not have and never will have access to Jesus realm. According to Revelation 12 he will lose access to the realm of the Almighty at the beginning of the final 3 1/2 years of this age.

At the end of this age Jesus will come down from his heavenly realm and set up his kingdom on Earth for 1000 years. At the end of that 1000 years God will deal with Satan permanently separating him from the surface of the earth and cleanse the earth with fire. Only then will He bring the kingdom Jesus has created down to the earth and He and the Father will remain here forever.

Please read page one:

Page 1: An Explanation for A Hollow Earth