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The water!

As you have probably noticed I am very inquisitive. I have a strong desire to understand things related to scripture and I really believe God meant it when He said He will lead us into all truth. He will show us things we know not of. He said cry out for wisdom upon your bed and with all your getting get understanding. Seek prophecy as if it were light shining in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your heart.

So this is the next question I am asking the Lord about. How did he create water? We know from Genesis 1 that He created water before He said, "Let there be light." So how? Did He just say, "Water be!" like He did with the light? Well, if my understanding is correct, when He said, "Light be!" it was also a cause and effect.

You see God created all things with wisdom. With wisdom he established the foundations of the earth. In my explanation of how He created the earth I revealed that there was a cause and effect in play when He said let there be Light. He said He would cause a great flood to come upon the face of the earth. I explain how He did this and because He is all knowing He simply let Noah know just before the great deep burst forth.

So I am sure He caused the water to fill the empty universe before He said, "Let there be light. But how? What was the cause and effect?

First let us understand that the initial creation of anything was not the same as the duplication of the same. The egg came first and then the hen, perhaps, out of the earth when He said, "Let the land bring forth every fowl of the air." Adam was created of the dust of the earth and then Eve, before procreation, was created from Adam's rib. The sun was created from a bubble, probably a hydrogen bubble, then when a planet exploded another sun was released. (There was obviously a lot more involved but we are just trying to understand the foundation of creation)

So it is very possible, and even likely, that water was created in the same manner.

Let me explain that.

The water that was here before the earth was created was heavily laden with every known mineral, and probably some that we do not know of yet. It would have been salt water and its main ingredients were H2O. However, we know that oxygen is produced by plants and as yet there were no plants.

Please understand that I do not have an answer to this question yet. I am putting my thoughts here to show you the process for understanding and hope for some positive input to help solve the puzzle.

Is it possible that some form of algae grew in the water once it began to multiply in size. Maybe fish of various types and sizes. Perhaps many different creatures such as water beetles. What this water was made up of and what it contained is relative to the solar systems and galaxies we see today. We just don't know how yet.

So, God is light and in Him there is no darkness. So once water began to come together it is common sense to understand that, as the light shone through the water photosynthesis took place and plant life began to form. This plant life would produce oxygen which would rise to the surface of this ever growing drop of water where it would be released into the space surrounding the water drop.

What started the first drop of water to allow this process though? And where did the hydrogen in the water come from? And was there an atmosphere formed outside of the drop. Perhaps there was air, eventually, before creation of the earth as we know it. What about birds, dragons, etc?

How were the angels created, spirit beings that serve the Creator. Where they created through nature as natural beings died and released their spirits into God's presence? The answer seems obvious here. They do exist and we do produce angelic beings , our ghosts, at death. Animals have spirits, and birds and fish. Why would this not be the truth about the origin of angels?

I am going to stop here and wait to see if someone has any ideas that would help here. We still don't have an answer to how the first drop was produced. Was the Hydrogen present before the water? If so, how was it created?

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