New revelation

Well it is revelation time again. Just when you think you have it all figured out and don't know which way to look for further evidence, wham!

I need to build a background to explain.

So I have studied prophecy for over 28 years and am always learning. It was only 3 years ago when I realized, thank-you Jesus, that Islam is even in prophecy. Boy did the lights start popping on then. After much study and seeking God for a true understanding I learned that the beast of Rev 13 is the EU 10 full member states. That the 7 heads in Rev 13 are a confused religious cult that rules these 10 nations. Hence the 7 heads and 10 horns. 

I realized, praise Jesus, that only when the beast takes control over Israel does it begin the final 3 1/2 years. That explains how it can become an entity but only have power for half of the final seven years. 
I understood Babylon the Great for years to be the Vatican with 7 mainline religions joined under one head as the New one World Religion. The Jesuit Pope Francis is certainly making that obvious for anyone who studies scripture.

The Little Horn of Daniel's prophecy became evident, praise Jesus, when I understood Turkey's ambition to become a full member of the EU. That only comes after the EU takes control of Israel. 

Rev 18 is a puzzle. I understood Turkey's role, and that Radical Islam hates Christianity. I thought that when Turkey gets full control of the EU he places his own 10 kings over the 10 nations and destroys Babylon, the Vatican serpent head. However, it is the king who ascends from the pit that destroys Babylon the great. It is he that appoints his own 10 kings over the beast and destroys the Vatican in one hour. Do then what happens to Turkey? I do not yet know the answer to this question.

So here's another thing that bothered me. I could not understand why a world power like the UN would not step in and stop ISIS dead it's tracks. After all, isn't that it's purpose?

And then, after watching the YouTube "The Muslim Brotherhood in America" and realizing Islam is tryingt to do a coup d' ta on the US machine, thank-you Jesus, I could not help wonder how is it that the UN doesn't see this and put a stop to it. Then I rationalized that the UN was doing a coup in the US first and that Islam would then do the same after most of the dirty work was done by the UN.

That is the only way I could see a balance in scripture.


Now many of you probably saw this a long time ago but nobody ever explained it to me in a way that made sense.

The percentage of Islamic nations in the UN is between 70 and 80%. And many of the rest believe that Islam is a religion of peace and only radicals are bad. You should learn what is taqiyya. It is the order by Allah to lie for the cause of Islam.

Did the light just come on? The UN does not want to stop ISIS. Nor does it want to stop the Muslim Brotherhood. They all have a common goal. Their leaders disagree on many issues, but the end game is all the same. 

A world wide Caliphate!

Who will be the next Prime Minister of Canada? The one who is pro-Muslim! Likely Trudeau, sorry conservatives but God's word comes ahead of our will. O how I wish I had been wrong on that one.

I thought it would be the same in the US. Who would be the next President in the US? Same! It was possible that after Sept of 2016 you might see elections in the US frozen and Obama remain as the final US dictator. or you would see Hillary in office and possibly a country split in two with Trump as the president of the rebellion as they are sure to call it to gain support. However, prophecy came forth that God had listened to Christians cry out and was anointing Trump to make America great again. Apparently these were true prophets.

Now read the book of Daniel and Revelation again. 

Understand that the final 10 horns are Islamic but start out New Age with the Vatican at the helm and its plan for a new world order. The second beast of Rev 13 may be North America and South America, or the US and Canada or Mexico. The US is definitely the controlling nation for the 2 horned beast. Trumps election makes this interpretation look false but if the rapture comes and Trump goes things will change in the US fast.

The king in Rev 9 is only here for 5 months and tortures only those who receive the mark of the beast. 
So the Rev 9 king literally comes from the inner parts of the earth. He has nothing to do with the Beast's mark and will not even be here until the final 5 months. Read page 1 for an explanation.

The eighth king who is of the seven in Rev 17 is the king who ascends from the pit with his locust army. The locust army is only here for the final 5 months and is also described in Joel 1 and 2.

Study Joel and Rev 9 together and you will gain great insite if you can believe in the hollow earth.

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