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Welcome to TKICBS
Hi! My name is Bill Holden.

Have you been told about Jesus return but have a hard time believing it is real or true?

Do you wonder which Christian faith is the true faith?
Are you a student of scripture but have a hard time understanding creation scriptures?
Do you find prophecy confusing?
Do you wonder if there is a way to know when Jesus is coming?
I am glad you are here and I am sure that by the time you have finished reading what I have to say you will be far better equipped to stand in Christ over the next few years. You will have a greater understanding of who the enemy is and how he is deceiving the majority of the population today.
Please study this work prayerfully. It is not meant as a full revelation but as a help to understand revelation. You will find lots of proof for what I see.
I warn you that the very first revelation is hard to receive and will require prayerful contemplation. However, once you are able to receive it as a truth you will find scripture will open up as a flower to your understanding. So without further delay I welcome you to page 1.
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The Secret Place

The following is a post I made after getting to excited and running with it. However, there are 2 reasons that the following revelation is error.
1) Jesus must enter the eastern gate when he returns to get to the courtyard. That puts the courtyard inside the so-called garrison.
2) 2nd Chronicles 5:1-3 explains that the ark is taken UP FROM the city of David which is Zion to the place where Solomon built the temple. 
This is a good example of how we can fall into error if not careful.
Here is my original post.
Here is a link that reveals that the Temple of God in Jerusalem does not have to go where the Dome on the Rock is. In fact he gives scriptural evidence to show that the whole temple grounds that have been the center of attention was all part of the Roman Garrison at the time of Christ. The real location of the temple was in the City of David by the pool of Gihon and the waters from the pool ran out from under the temple. He shows that this was the place where the threshing floor was at the time of David that God told him to buy and many other proofs. The videos are only 15 minutes each. The second video tells additional information so it is good to watch. 
This is a game changer. Israel owns the whole area of the City of David. The Muslims have no legal right to dispute their rebuilding the temple.
I hope you get as excited about this as I am. If what I see on the page concerning the covenant is true and the update below this update is true then we have very little time left. The child could be taken within the next 2 1/2 years. Again, this revelation concerning the temple is error.
Here are the links: temple grounds 1 temple grounds 2

Update:  Who is the King of The North?

The King of the North refers to the Daniel 11 prophecy. This chapter was fulfilled up to verse 20 in the past history before Christ. I won't go into the past history before verse 20 because it has been covered well on the internet and can easily be found. However, I don't believe the final king of the north has come until now.

Many teachers claim that the next king following verse 20 was Epiphanes, however, though he may have been a foreshadow, the chapter claims that the abomination was set up by someone else for him or on his behalf. The prince of Daniel 9:26 does not set up the abomination either as it only says that he causes the sacrifice and oblation to cease, but chapter 8 tells us that it is the little horn that actually sets up the abomination. These are 3 different individuals. As well, Epiphanes died in Tubae in Persia, not between Jerusalem and the sea. Another indication that this was not Epiphanes is the fact that after he dies Micheal stands up and judgement comes. Of course we know that Micheal is still waiting for this event.

The chronology of the last days has been greatly misleading. In fact it goes like this, according to scripture:

The first clear sign is when the covenant of Daniel 9:27 is made. It is a 7 year covenant that is made between Israel and the prince of the people who destroyed the temple in 70 A.D. It was the Roman soldiers at the orders of the Caesar led by Titus that did this. So the prince must be related to Rome in origin. I cover this on the page concerning the covenant.

The second event to watch for is the king of the north spoken of above. Daniel 11:20 through 31 covers this event. Sometime prior to his attack on Jerusalem the Temple of God must be rebuilt. I once thought  that according to Daniel 8 the abomination is set up 2300 days after the covenant is agreed upon, but recently realized the 2300 days must follow the setting up of the abomination in the midst or perhaps middle ofthe seven years. I cover this on the page concerning the covenant. As I explain there it is possible that the ENPI signed on Jan 1, 2014 could very well be the covenant so we have less than 3 years to go for the abomination as of this month Aug, 2014.

So the question now is, "Is there a king of the north today who is against Egypt?"

The answer is, "Yes." This is the self proclaimed Rashad Khalifa,

Daniel 11 tells us that he is not given the title of King: Rashad has not.
It says he will win followers by flattery: Rashad promises resurrection.
It says he is a vile person: he cuts the heads off his victims and displays them on fence posts. He curses those who refuse him and curses the God of Israel and his people, Christian and Jew alike.
It says he will become strong with a small, few, people: he has grown from nothing to a real threat in the Middle East in a few months and continues to grow in power.

So why would he fight against Egypt? Because they are following the Muslim Brotherhood and do not accept him as a Khalifa. They are already having words.

We will have to watch and see how this unfolds.



  1. Whatever led you to Marzulli's site, you may as well forget about posting alternative opinions to theirs. They are a tight-knit little clique and don't take kindly to strangers!

  2. I understand this about L.A. But when I see possible error I must address it. I have seen very little error on his site, not that I have read it all. I cannot conclude that his doctrine of alien abduction is false, however, Rev 12 says that Satan will try to take the child but the child will be snatched away by God. At this time it "might" appear that aliens have taken them, but those who know the word will understand the truth. This would be the woman, the unrepentant church. I am sure she will be driven to her knees by this event. 1260 days later she will be an awesome bride with power and deliverance will be available to any who call on the Lord at that time. Check Joel 2, the end of the chapter.

  3. Just thought you should know. Oh, and do you see the hypocrisy? You were told to "stick to the topic of the day", but everyone there goes off in any direction they care to.

    I personally have seen MUCH error and very little actual "Christian" behavior from Lynn or some of his regulars. In fact, many of the past regulars have left, probably out of disgust.

    If you're up the the challenge, then good luck. I just hate seeing people come there with good intentions wind up being ridiculed and eventually told to leave. It happens all the time!

    Take care~

    1. I go to Marzulli's site only for information now. I have noticed what you say as well. There is no doubt but that he is anointed in his area of expertise. The part about the mark of the beast is questionable, but that does not make him wrong. I find many pastors have tunnel vision. He is a good example. I am not a pastor but I can't help but concentrate on finding evidence and revealing it when it comes to a hollow earth and prophecy. Another pastor that comes to mind in Walid Shoebat. He is ex Muslim terrorist. He cannot see that the Vatican is the Whore of Rev 17-18. I have communicated with him on this and he refuses to look at the obvious. He thinks Islam is the 10 horned beast, it is the whore Babylon the Great and the mark is the mark of Islam. He is right about Islam trying to take over the world. This is their goal and it is prophetic that they will set their 10 kings over the beast in the final hour, but they are not the beast in the beginning. The EU is. If Babylon the city were Babylon the Mother of Harlots then he would be destroying himself in Rev 18. That makes no sense.
      Another group believes the mark is the veri chip initiated by the NWO, UN. I tend to follow this line of thinking but time will tell.